Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Realization Of A Disciple

As I sit and contemplate I realized that the world is exactly the way it is because there is no fear no more. People don’t care about their health, well-being, or the care of others. They are selfish and there trust and faith falls into something else other than GOD. It is sad because I never thought I can say this out loud but I can. I am happy that I am a child of GOD. I am happy that I am just here to walk upon this earth by his hand and no other. I am happy that the word will dwell in my heart for years and years to come. I sat and read a passage, a scripture, and prayed. I understand that some things in life are happening for a reason but because of who I am and who I stand by I know I am good to go as I give my all to him.

As I was reading a passage I was seeing that we should be his disciples, but I don’t think that will be happening no time soon. In Luke 14:26-33 stood out to me. It clearly states that if any man hates not his father, mother, sister, brother, wife, and children than you are not his disciple. One who hates and tries to lay down a foundation of a new relationship in life the foundation will mock him and his work shall crash. Why shall I say that? The hatred in the world comes from one place only and that is the feeling of you. If there is something you don’t have and that person do you shall hate them, or even worse? You shall despise them. You have to realize that GOD put them there in order for you to see what you need to do to receive what they have. They are there to help you, not for you hate them and drive them away. Take a look at them one day and ask yourself why you hate them? Or better yet what is hate? I can tell you what true hate is. God abandoning you and forsaking you! If God never did that to you than why on earth are we doing it to him? A disciple is a student who is loyal to his teacher and faithfully lives out the principles he has learned. As the moon reflects the brightness of the sun, let us as disciples reflect the brightness of the Son of Righteousness
Love and cherish all and everything that comes your way. There are things that won’t go your way and that is fine. You are just going to have to learn how to manage and move on. I leave you all with this: The Lord calls us to discipleship. A Christian disciple is one who lives Christian discipline.

Get Into The Right Atmosphere For Your Breakthrough

When people go through things in life it is not always there fault, but yet they, sometimes, have a hand in the situation. When it is their fault their hand is still in the situation, but something latch onto that hand, The Devil. Some of your struggle in life is not always sin; some of your struggle in life is your belief in God. You think that because your hand is only tainted at the nails it is not going to harm you, but you are mistaken. It is going to spread into your body and it is going to attack everything within you. Your faith is under attack.
Let’s seize and emphasize the days that God gives you! Meaning, let's talk about the past and the future.  Your yesterday is what makes today special. You have to shake off your past because your future is connected to where you are now. Once you look back at your past, you keep going back to your past. God invented what we life like to call “Now” so he can show us the greater to come. Let the past go!  "Transformed Mind"   Have a transformed mind because we are stuck in a delusional loop of happiness because that was the illusion that satisfies you. When you place your trust in God it means you are securing what God has already done for you. You will always remember when, but you are looking for something more. You have to look through the eyes of two views: Saved and Deliverance. When you looked through saved eyes you are enjoying the weakness of your salvation. You are living in mercy instead of deliverance. Deliverance is when you are enjoying walking side by side with the Lord. Everything you are going through you know that God and the Holy Spirit in you will take you from whatever you are going through and construct you into a better person. When you don't do this you feel guilt. When you feel guilt God is taking you to a higher level in life that he is preparing you for.  As you go to this higher level you don’t repeat anything old, plus you are not getting deliverance.
Get into the right atmosphere for your breakthrough because you are the one who sets your atmosphere. When you see someone else in that funk you need to bring that person where they ought to be or cut them from your existence because you are going to be back at square one talking about remember? As this process is going on, you enhance your relationship with God living by his teachings and having that one-on-one moment with him. You don't have to remind God what he has done for you. You go through that cycle you missed your touch from God by remembrance. Then you need to receive a second touch because you were in a place that all you were doing was remembering and you could not receive that instant deliverance from God. You need that second touch for a perspective view, for his eyes, for the arts of God. When you have this connection you can have the one-on-one with God.
When you are connected to the past you are looking around, you trip over stuff, miss your turn, miss your message. When you are connected to God and your future you are looking up! When you look up you see things that you have never seen before, but when you look up it is a dangerous thing for everyone else and you. You will be knocking the stuff from your past down and people will be knocked out the way or will be overlooked.


The power of prayer can go a long way. I always pray now and sometimes God don't answer them. I am thinking if you pray long and hard will you get everything you ask for. The answer is no. God has his own pace which I am destined to follow, but there are three obstacles in my hearts way to receive that spiritual salvation. My heart is hurting, jumping, and shaking. It hurts because seeing someone you love hurt without physical evidence is excruciating because you don't know what it is wrong. It jumps because anything can happen at any second and you are not prepared for it. It shakes because the chill of God can move through you of any second of any time of any day. If you think about it, a prayer is a spiritual wish and a spiritual way to say thank you. I am losing my sense of humanity and spirituality. As I pray…… God is my counselor and I am on his couch as his patience. I am in the spiritual realm with my wings, my halo, and my voice. My prayer of all prayers is: I pray that the most valuable piece of my puzzle is willing to be hung on the wall of success without me. The conundrum will never overwhelm me as I am in the realm of prayer.